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The Loo Palace

The Loo Palace

Hooray, The Loo Palace has been renovated and will reopen on 15 April 2022!

The Loo Palace

How did the Royal Family live and work here for 300 years? The Loo Palace, situated on the outskirts of Apeldoorn, was inhabited by the Royal Family until 1975. The Royal Family received their guests here for entertainment and business. Much attention was therefore paid to maintenance. The Loo Palace has been a museum since 1984, where you can discover the historic palace rooms and view the magnificent stables and coach houses. Or stroll through the 17th-century gardens with beautiful exotic plants such as dahlias and bananas. A generous past is certainly reflected at The Loo Palace, so immerse yourself in the rich history of the Royal Household!

Activiteiten Paleis Het Loo

There are also numerous activities for young and old to do at The Loo Palace. Think of beautiful events, picnics, playing as a prince or princess in the Play Palace or fun treasure hunts through the gardens.

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Palace Park and the Aardhuis

There is much more to discover around The Loo Palace. The Palace Park lies adjacent to The Loo Palace and around The Old Loo Castle. The park is 650 hectares in size! Explore different paths, ponds, flora and fauna. Cycling, walking and nature lovers will be in their element in this unique area. The Aardhuis is currently being used as the visitors' centre for the palace park. King William III ordered the construction of The Aardhuis in 1861, which served for military meetings and later as a hunting lodge.

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