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Questions about the camping

Questions about the camping

Do you allow dogs on the campsite?
Regretfully, we don't allow dogs on the campsite. The same applies to our rental accommodations at the campsite. Visitors are requested to leave their dog(s) at home. We do welcome pets at the holiday bungalow park.

 Can we park a second car on the campsite?
The camping pitches include the parking of one car. Due to a lack of space, there is no room for a second car. You can park a second car at the parking at the entrance of the campsite (on the right).

 Can we use an electric heater?
We cannot allow the use of electric heaters because they use too much power. They can cause a power outage with you and with your neighbors. Therefore, we kindly ask you not to use electric heating, electric cooking and grilling appliances or toasters.

 Can I use a barbecue at my camping pitch?
We prefer the use of a gas-operated barbecue or a 'skottelbraai'. You can use a coal-fired barbecue on the campsite, provided that you do this in a safe manner. Their use is prohibited when a general warning for increased fire hazard has been issued. Because of the risk of bushfires, all forms of open fire on the campsite are prohibited.

Can I put up a gazebo?
Yes, you can, provided that your neighbors and other campers do not experience any hindrance. They must be taken down if you are absent for some time during a prolonged stay.

 Can I put up another small tent?
You can put up another small tent (max. 6 m2) at your camping pitch. Additional small tents are not allowed at the rental accommodations.

 Can I use anti-root fabric or plastic tarps?
The use of anti-root fabric or plastic tarp underneath the tent or awning is allowed. We prefer that you use an anti-root fabric during a longer stay instead of plastic. If you are absent for some time during a prolonged stay, we kindly ask you to roll back the fabric to allow the grass to grow.

Can I book a stay with a large group of people?
When you wish to book a stay with a larger family or group, De Haeghehorst may give you a tailored offer subject to availability.  Of course, this also depends on the developments regarding the corona virus. Please call the reception or send us an email for the options.

What are the times of arrival and/or departure when I stay at the campsite?
You can arrive at the campsite from 2 PM. Departure is before noon.

How many Amperes do the electric hook ups at the campsite have?
All comping pitches include an electric hook up with 6 Amperes. You can use 8 or 10 Amperes at extra costs.

 How does the power system at the campsite work?
We have been using the ICY Campere Plug since 2017. This allows us to access the power connection at your pitch from the reception, we can read the meter and we can adjust the amperage per pitch. This way, we can better manage the power grid. If you use more power, then the electricity will automatically shut down for 14 seconds as a kind of warning. After ten warnings, the power at that electricity source will shut down completely and the guests will have to come to the reception to have it turned on again or purchase the use of more amperage. The price of the pitch includes the use of 6 Amperes. On request, we can upgrade your pitch to a higher amperage. The surcharge for 8 Amperes is €1 per night and for 10 Amperes the surcharge is €2 per night.

Do you want to book for a period longer than 3 weeks? Contact in that case the camping itself directly by phone or email.
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