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General questions

General questions

 What if we arrive after 6 PM?
Please let us know in advance if you expect to arrive after 6 PM. You can do this when you book your stay or you can call the reception the day before you arrive. This enables us to take your late arrival into account. When arriving after 6 PM, you can reach one of our staff via the intercom at the reception hall.

 Are the shops in Ermelo open on Sunday?
The supermarkets and shops are not open on Sunday. The reception has a 'forgotten groceries' corner with dozens of basic products. The nearest supermarket that is open on Sunday can be found in Harderwijk.

 Do you accept bookings from young people travelling without adults?
Unfortunately, we don't accept bookings from unaccompanied young people below the age of 18.

 Is the swimming pool accessible to all?
The swimming pool at the campsite is only accessible to our guests and visitors or guests of our own guests. Due to strict regulations, we cannot allow guests that are not staying with us to visit the pool. Alternative swimming pools are the public pools Calluna in Ermelo or Bosbad Putten.

Do you want to book for a period longer than 3 weeks? Contact in that case the camping itself directly by phone or email.
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